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age range
Mathematical areas covered
Maths with Google Earth 9-11 Using Google Earth tools to find distances and perimeters
Reality Maths long project: Google Earth 11-13 Using Google Earth to investigate perimeter and area
Comparing our lives in different countries long project: UK and South Africa, 2006-07, UK and Pakistan, 2007-08 12-15 Statistical modelling, statistical cycle, data collection, analysis, presentation and interpretation
Global Debt: Who owes who? 14-16 Statistics and data handling, mathematical modelling
Where in the world am I? 14-16 Mathematical modelling, spherical geometry, trigonometry, latitude and longitude, time
How far is Cape Town from London? 14-16 Trigonometry (2- and 3-d), Pythagoras' Theorem, length of an arc, latitude and longitude
Maths and climate change 16 to 18 Statistics and data-handling, trigonometry and loci in two and three dimensions