Online multi-media resources

Packs contain a range of resources - short video clips, classroom activities and games, topical issues for discussion, student worksheets, and teacher notes.

*The age ranges suggested are only intended to be a guide to the level of the resources.  Some may well be suitable for younger or older students.

  Topics covered Age ranges* Curriculum areas

Maths and Our Health

Maths and Our Health packs icon

  • 11-13+
  • 12-14
  • 13-15
  • 14-16+
  • 15-17
  • Percentages, graphs
  • Maths in context, interpreting graphs
  • Probability, interpreting graphs, mathematical modelling
  • Multi-step problems, graphs and equations and formulae, probability
  • Conditional probability, independence and dependence, contingency tables and tree diagrams

Disease Dynamics Schools Pack

Disease Dynamics schools pack icon

  • Introduction to the Disease Dynamics Schools' Project
  • Presentations on the maths of epidemic spread
  • Activities, simulations and resources for maths classes
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Interpreting graphs
  • Probability
  • Data collection and interpretation

Babylonian Maths

Babylonian Maths pack icon

  • The Maths Archaeologist
  • A Babylonian house
  • Making Babylonian numbers on clay tablets
  • Understanding Babylonian numbers and arithmetic
  • Babylonian triangles
  • Number and place value
  • Multiplication, division, inverses
  • Shape and symmetry