Mark Carrington, University of Cambridge 

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We can all think of lots of different illnesses, some we’ve read about, some that have affected family members and some we’ve had ourselves. For thousands of years people have wondered what caused illness. Malaria is endemic in many parts of the world, particularly in Africa. Its causes, transmission and treatment are therefore important issues.

The resources linked from this page were originally used in enrichment videoconferences with 13-15 year-old students.  They are now freely available for classroom use. This first part of the presentation is suitable for use in science lessons.  The second part uses a mathematical model (which provides a context for studying probability).  If you would like to follow up mathematical modelling as an epidemiological tool, see our Disease Dynamics Schools' Pack.

Mark Carrington's presentation with discussions and tasks for students:

Presentation by Y9 students from St Peters RC school, Middlesbrough (733 kB)

Presentation by students from Villiers School, London (414kB)