Carolin Crawford, University of Cambridge
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These resources were originally presented in connection with videoconferences in 2005.  They are now freely available to schools.

two aliens

(Original drawing by Danielle Stretch, University of Cambridge)

Why has life evolved here on Earth, and not on other planets in the solar system? Could there be life on Mars and Venus, for instance? Might there have been life once, which died out? What sort of conditions does a planet need to have for life as we know it to occur? What about planets outside our own solar system?

The recent Mars explorations will be one topic discussed in this conference, and we will come right up-to-date with the Cassini-Huygens space mission, which will be sending down a probe to the surface of Titan, one of Saturn's moons, on Christmas Day. However, you might wonder why we send these hugely expensive space missions. Why do astronomers and governments think it worth-while sending a probe to Mars or Titan?

All images of astronomical bodies, space craft, etc, on the project pages are courtesy NASA. Images used in Carolin Crawford's talk are credited in situ.

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