"Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics."  Dean Schlicter

Pack topics

Biomedical science provides rich contexts for studying maths. Funding from the Wellcome Trust has enabled us to produce five resource packs based on topical issues in biomedical science which support and extend the maths curriculum at secondary level (11-16 year-olds).  These packs show how maths underpins cutting edge biomedical research.  They also introduce students to important ethical issues.

Each pack consists of short video clips in which an expert talks about their work and the topic.  Additional resources - presentations, worksheets, games - help students to explore the topic in greater depth.  There are also teacher's notes and worksheet answers for each pack.

* The age ranges suggested are only intended to be a guide to the level of the resources.  Some may well be suitable for younger or older students.

Topic Age range* Curriculum areas
bacon sandwich"Eating bacon sandwiches is bad for you!" Evaluating risk

11-13 (basic resources and video clips)
13+ (harder resources)

  • Percentage calculations
  • Interpreting graphs
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Basic probability
earth affected by pandemicEpidemics: Modelling with mathematics 12-14
  • Maths in context (mathematical modelling)
  • Interpreting graphs


holding back infectionLife saving maths: How does vaccination work?

  • Probability
  • Intepreting graphs
  • Creating and testing a mathematical model
awareness ribbonsThe economics of health: How do we decide? 14-16
  • Multi-step problems
  • Using graphs and equations to solve problems
  • Manipulating equations
  • Probability and tree diagrams
  • Strategic thinking
DNA The test is positive: But what are the odds it's wrong? 15-17
  • Probability
    • Independence and dependence
    • Conditional probability using contingency tables and tree diagrams (and Venn diagrams)





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  • Plus, our free online maths magazine, has published a series of articles, podcasts and interviews aimed at post-16 students, teachers and general readers for a project funded by the Wellcome Trust - 'Do You Know What's Good for You?' - exploring the role of mathematics and statistics in the biomedical sciences.