Maths and... health & medicine

Maths and our health: A set of 5 multimedia resource packs for Key Stages 3 and 4. Each pack consists of short video clips in which an expert talks about their work and the topic. Additional resources - presentations, worksheets, games - help students to explore the topic in greater depth. There are also teacher's notes and worksheet answers for each pack.

Disease Dynamics: This pack contains materials we developed during an exciting project in which school students contributed to research into how infectious diseases spread in primary schools. The pack includes presentations exploring how epidemic diseases spread, and how mathematics can be used to model disease spread, plus practical classroom activities, games and investigations.

Do you know what's good for you? Should international travel be banned in the face of swine flu? Should life-saving drugs be withheld because they're too expensive? Should the government ban alcohol? And are bacon sandwiches really that dangerous?Plus, our free online mathematics magazine for older students and general readers, has answered these questions and others in four packages of articles, interviews and podcasts.

Maths and... your money

Are you a smart shopper? This Key Stage 2 maths activity compares discount deals offered by three supermarkets and challenges students to work out which offers the best value.

The crystal ball: If you had a crystal ball that allowed you to see your future, what would you arrange differently about your finances? This Plus article, aimed at older students and general readers, explores how statistics and mathematical modelling are used to plan our futures in an interview with the Government Actuary, Chris Daykin, about the pensions crisis.

Maths and... elections and voting

When you try to put democracy into action you quickly run into tricky maths problems. Explore the mathematics of voting systems and read about how probability and statistics relate to real-life elections with these articles from Plus, our free online magazine for older students and general readers.