e-Counter Plague screenshotImagine your school.  Someone in your class comes in one morning with e-Counter Plague.  Who will get it?  Will everyone in the class?  Or will some people be OK?  How about other classes?  Will it spread to them as well?

This set of four online simulations gives you the choice of focusing on a single class, or seeing how an illness can pass from one class to another - and back again, perhaps!

The presentation, Understanding Counter Plague, helps you to understand how changing the dice settings changes the probability that an epidemic will - or will not - take off.

The e-Counter Plague Plus versions allow you to include people who are already immune to the disease, perhaps because they have already had it, or have been vaccinated.  Green smiley faces are people who have not yet had the disease.  Red, miserable faces are people who are sick. Blue faces are people who have recovered and are now immune or, in e-Counter Plague Plus versions, have been immunised.

To start, decide how many people there are going to be in the class(es), and how many people are initially infected by the disease.  

The rules are as for Counter Plague, so whether the infection is passed on or not is determined by 'dice', which you can set as you like. In e-Counter Plague 2-class versions, you can set different infection rates for the class which has the initial infection and the other class.

Then press 'Next' to see what happens step by step, or 'Run' for the complete epidemic.  A bar chart on the bottom right of the screen records the progress of the epidemic.