Network Disease

This is introduced in Epidemics: Mathematical Models.  If you record who names whom, you can analyse the networks in your class.  Details are in the presentation Collecting data and finding mutual links in the data.

Equipment required: people (lots of them) and pen and paper

  • Everyone starts sitting down.
  • Everyone writes the names of two other people on their piece of paper.
  • One person stands and is the first case.
  • They pick their two named people to infect.
  • Those two stand up and each pick their two named people.
  • The next generation stands up and each pick their two named people … and so on.

Things to think about:

  • How many steps did the disease take to infect whole class?
  • How does this compare with Standing Disease?
  • What other comparisons can you make with Standing Disease?
  • What difference does it make if each person infects 3 people instead of 2?
  • What if your class was bigger?