Effect of immunisation

You will have heard of the debate on the MMR vaccination. Find out more about this debate:

  • What proportion of young people are currently immunised against measles?
  • What level of vaccination is required to keep the likelihood of a measles epidemic at an acceptable level?
  • Why are some people reluctant to let their children receive the triple vaccination?
  • How good is the scientific evidence that it can cause problems?

At this time of the year, elderly people and those with certain existing conditions, are advised to be immunised against flu.

  • How effective is such immunisation?
  • Why is it less effective than, say, immunisation against polio or rubella?

Use the simulations in the Activities to help you investigate the effectiveness of immunisation.  If some people can't be chosen in Standing Disease or Network Disease, or if there are already black cards in the population for 26 Card Epidemic, what difference does this make to the progress of the epidemic?

e-Counter Plague Plus allows you to investigate the effect of immunisation directly.